Al Khafji SWRO Desalination Plant Powered by Solar

Al Khafji SWRO Desalination Plant Powered by Solar

The project is to design and construct a reverse osmosis water desalination plant in the city of Al Khafji with a production capacity of 60,000 cubic meters per day.

The project is the first implementation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques initiative, which aims to conserve depleted traditional energy sources by finding alternative sources that are safe, sustainable, clean and abundant in our country. With this project, 4 important dimensions are achieved, namely the strategic, economic and environmental dimensions through:

  • Achieving sustainability
  • Saving oil energy consumption
  • Reducing capital and operating costs of water production
  • Reducing pollution and environmental damage

What distinguishes this plant:

  • World’s first large scale solar powered desalination project.
  • Reduction of Power Consumption From 3.9 kWh/m3 to 3.7 kWh/m3.
  • Advanced Pretreatment System Resulted in 60% improvement to the “RO Feed Water Quality”
  • Project Capacity 60,000 m3 per day, and ready for future expansion up to 90,000 m3 per day.